What is a signet ring?

Signet rings are a classic ring band piece of jewellery that has seen a resurgence in modern times. Traditionally a masculine piece of jewellery, signet rings have become a popular style among both men and women. The evolution of signet rings have evolved over time to become a unique touch of class and sentiment to add to your Greek jewellery collection.

Gold Signet Ring

History of the Signet Ring

Historically signet rings have been worn by royalty, these unique bands have transitioned over time into what we know and love today. Understanding these classic ring designs is key to wearing them with confidence.

Signet rings date back to ancient times, with the first recorded instances appearing in Mesopotamia around 2500 BCE. These early rings were used as a seal to stamp documents and mark ownership of property. The design of the rings varied depending on the culture, but they all served the same purpose.

The signet ring was introduced to Europe by the Romans, who used them for similar purposes as the Mesopotamians. The design of the European signet ring was more elaborate than its predecessors, often featuring a coat of arms or family crest. These rings were a symbol of power and status, and only the wealthy could afford to wear them.

Signet rings continued to be popular throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance. They were often gifted to knights or noblemen as a sign of respect or used as a seal for important documents. The designs of these rings were often very intricate, and they were considered a valuable piece of jewellery.

The signet ring saw a decline in popularity during the Victorian era. This was due to the rise of more affordable mass-produced jewellery. However, the signet ring made a comeback in the early 20th century, when it became a popular style among the aristocracy.

How to wear a Signet Ring

Today, signet rings are worn by both men and women and are a popular choice for those looking for a classic piece of jewellery. When shopping for a signet ring, it is important to keep in mind the traditional meaning of the ring.

These rings are often passed down through generations and are a symbol of family history. If you are looking for a signet ring to wear, it is important to find one that has meaning to you.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a signet ring. The first is the metal. Gold is the most popular choice for signet rings, but silver and platinum are also good options. The second is the stone. Many signet rings feature a simple design, but some have more elaborate designs with multiple stones. The third is the size.

Signet rings are available in a variety of sizes, so it is important to choose one that is comfortable to wear. Once you have chosen the perfect signet ring, it is time to learn how to wear it with confidence.

What finger do you wear a Signet Ring on?

Signet rings are typically worn on the pinky finger of the right hand. However, they can also be worn on the middle or index finger. If you are left-handed, you can wear the ring on the ring finger of your left hand. When wearing a signet ring, it is important to remember that the design should be facing up. The stone should be visible, and the band should be tight enough that it does not slip off.

It is also important to avoid wearing the ring on an active hand, as this can damage the stone. If you are looking for a classic piece of jewellery to add to your collection, a signet ring is a great choice.

These unique rings have a long history and are a symbol of status and power. Understanding the meaning of the signet ring is key to wearing it with confidence.

Apollo Jewellery Greek Inspired Signet Rings

At Apollo Jewellery we have a variety of Greek inspired signet rings available. These rings need to be measured depending on your ring size and the finger you decide to wear the signet ring on. You can use our ring sizers to measure your finger for these rings. 

However at Apollo Jewellery we like to make it easier for you to purchase affordable jewellery and add to your Greek jewellery collection this is why we have sourced an adjustable signet ring making it easier than ever to add a signet ring to your collection. 

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