Thank You !!

Hey my loves,

I just wanted to pop a post on here to say a huge, HUGE, thank you for all your continued support for myself and my small business!

Since my launch I've sold out again & received over 100 orders !! Shipping worldwide! I got my first order from the US today and that is so super exciting <3 The support you guys have given me has been so overwhelming (in a good way) and I am just so grateful for every single one of you and your orders. My heart feels full knowing complete strangers have fallen in love with Apollo as much as I have :)

Soooo...lets talk about my next steps briefly! Recently I've been looking at taking the quality of my products to the next step in ordering some stainless steel, titanium and even 925 sterling silver pieces!! How exciting is that !! & this is all because of you lovelies! I never imagined I'd be taking this step so soon in starting my small business journey but here we are <3

Thank you so so much & stay safe!

H x

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